Sunday, February 25, 2018

Ava Jeanne is one today!

One! How is that even possible when you were just a tiny newborn a moment ago?
A year ago today, your daddy looked at me and said “it’s a GIRL” and I began, quite literally, howling. You have been a surprise and a gift from the moment you were born. 
You’re the happiest baby I have ever met. Easy as pie, as sweet as sugar. Your temperament is calm, relaxed and you’re eternally happy. You act like your daddy and you look like your mama.
You have two teeth and no-ish hair. You can crawl but you much prefer to walk- with a little help. (Sooo close to doing it independently!). You sleep and eat well. You are a carnivore- meatballs, chicken, steak- your two teeth can handle it all. Your favorite things are Jacob, music and Jigglejammers (music and movement class). You love clapping, doing the “caw caw” game and playing with Jacob’s firetruck when he’s not around (shhh! 🙂 In a lot of ways, you are ALL of our baby girl. Your face lights up when daddy comes home. You only have eyes for mama. And you crane your neck FEROCIOUSLY to see what shenanigans Jacob is up to.
Oh, Ava girl. The relationship between you and Jacob is one of the highlights of my life. You adore each other. When you are taking your nap, Jacob constantly says “I hear Ava wakin’ up!” - when you aren’t- because he wants you back. I have brothers too, and I promise: you are in for a dear and lifelong friendship.
You are adored by many, and you are beloved by me.
Happy first birthday, Ava Jeanne. I love you more than words can say.💕

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Ava Jeanne is 11 months old!

Ava Jeanne is 1️⃣1️⃣ months old! She is the most easy going baby I have ever met - chill, smiley and perfectly content. 

Ava has two teeth, but that doesn’t stop her. She loves meat and veggies most of all (#paleoprincess) but has been known to enjoy a good pizza crust. I’ve said it before- but her hair is really starting to come in. 😉 #nohairdontcare 

Ava loooooves music class. She is the youngest in the class by about a year, and she is truly the class darling. Her favorite music selections are “if you’re happy and you know it” and “Cruise, remix” (wait, what? ) For the first eight months of her life, she was up 6-10x per night (😴) but girlfriend has made up for it in spades this month, waking up once a night at the most. She wakes up happy- and singing! (Even when she’s woken up by her older brother knocking on her door, like today). She is the most happy baby- grinning and singing with her angelic voice. I sound like a broken record, but Ava girl is tons of fun.
Happy eleven months to my darling girl. We love you more than words can say.#avajeannespecia