Wednesday, October 25, 2017

AJS: 8 Months

Happy 8️⃣ months to sweet Ava. She continues to be a true delight- so many people remark upon what a happy and easygoing baby she is. No hair, no teeth, no problem. 😜 
Ava doesn’t feel any rush to crawl- she’s content cuddling and being held. She loves to play with her brother’s trucks (when he’s not looking of course 😉 and she loves her cuddle doll, Chloe. Ava loves bath time, jumping and solid foods (especially green beans and rice teething biscuits). She loves her big brother most of all and is constantly reaching for him. 
We love you more than words can say. Happy 8 months, Ava girl! #avajeannespecial Scott Special

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