Friday, August 25, 2017

AJS: Six Months, 1/2 way to a year Baby!!!

Ava Jeanne is six months old! She continues to be truly delightful- happy, sweet and with the most darling smile. I don't remember the last time she cried (maybe her shots a month ago?). Ava loves her mama, laughs the biggest with her daddy and gets loved on constantly from her big brother.
Ava Jeanne weighs around 16 pounds and sits up with help. She has rolled in both directions but is pretty content chilling and watching the action (Jacob). She sleeps in her own crib, but has FOMO and would rather party (she gets that from daddy;). She loves "sitting at the table", bath time and getting head massages (she gets THAT from mommy). This month, she visited her third state (Indiana), tried her first taste of "food", and gave us her first 7 hour stretch of sleep...once. 😅
Ava, you are a true delight. Happy half birthday, Ava girl!

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