Thursday, May 25, 2017

AJS: Three Months

Ava Jeanne is three months old today!
She loves walks, bath time and cuddling. She smiles constantly, especially when Scott talks to her. She's less fond of Tummy Time and shopping. (Mama is working on that one). She sleeps 3-hour stretches but does an occasional 3.5-4. (Mama would like to work on that one too 😅) She is calm, happy and so relaxed. This month, she was baptized (with all four grandparents, all five uncles and both aunties in attendance!) She's never been out of state but she is preparing for her first trip to Iowa. She has captured the heart of her big brother, who, upon hearing her squawk even minimally will proclaim: "mama, baby Ah-va! Go!!" 

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  1. Such and adorable little princess! and it looks liek big brothers going to grow up to be the fun protective type! how adorable. thank you for taking out the time to write this blog for us!


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