Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016, a conclusion

2016 started off with a bang, literally, as Scott set off a firework display over the Gulf of Mexico as the clock struck midnight.  We rang in 2016 with champagne, dance parties and too many pina coladas with my parents and siblings (and again with a different kind of bottle 5 hours later when Jacob woke up)!

We rang it in with hope, too, and excitement and optimism.  2015 was a banner year for my family, and it would be tough to beat.  

Our vacation ended and we came back to a snowy Chicago.  Winter turned to spring.  We celebrated Jacobs first Valentine's Day at uncle Matt and aunt Kelly's house (and J celebrated his first bite of donut).    March brought us Jacobs first birthday, and our first anniversary of the profound responsibility of being his parents.   We toasted one year, the gift of JSS and the gift of sleep as he (finally!) began sleeping through the night.  

Spring brought us Easter, a work trip to Scottsdale, and Scott's 31st birthday.  We discovered Jacobs absolute adoration for the park and all things outdoors, and spent more time outside than in my previous 10 years combined.  We enjoyed simple pleasures like watermelon on the porch, squirrel chasing and spraying the garden hose. 

The highlight of our summer was finding out we would be welcoming our second baby!  A joy we discovered on the 4th of July.  Christine's wedding was a highlight of the year- as we got to celebrate a truly solid couple with the 65+ members of my family.

The fall brought the tail end of our two year major renovations (thanks dad and mom!)  It brought amazing baseball and terrible football and a terrible election that I'm still not at peace with- maybe that will be my New Years resolution. (Not holding my breath).

Thanksgiving was spent as it always is- with some of my favorite people at my parents.  We rang in December with more Christmas cheer than I've maybe ever had- Santa and baby Jesus a toddler who was excited about them both. 

2016 was a hard year for a lot of good people (HRC, I'm lookin' at you).  I'm grateful for the profound blessing of a second baby that I learned about in 2016, but I'm otherwise ready to see it go.

I ring in 2017 in a profoundly different place mentally.  Happier than I've maybe ever been, but less optimistic, I think.  It's a weird spot, but it's been a weird year.

2017, lets do this.