Thursday, July 21, 2016

Jacob at 16 months

I definitely sound like a broken record, but this age is so wonderful.  Jacob's personality is so adorable - he's so happy, and curious and playful.  I haven't done a thorough update since his twelve-month, so thought I'd take this opportunity to share a few recent stories about our little love.

Jacob is very verbal.  The other night, I put him to bed (which is unusual as normally Scott does it) and I tucked him in and then left the room.  He had shifted while he was falling asleep, so about 20 minutes later I went in to peak in and check on him, and he pops his head up and says "HI!"

He loves to throw his food or water bottle off of the high-chair while eating dinner and then shout "Ut-oh!"

Jacob LOVES being outside, especially going to the park or on wagon rides.  He is obsessed with dogs (which is hard for this non-animal-lover to wrap her head around, but I'm trying!)  The other day we were on a walk with my cousin Jenifer and Scott and came across an older dog who loved Jacob and licked his face.  Jacob was in HEAVEN (and I was super grossed out).

Jacob is SO happy - I love taking him grocery shopping because he just adores people.  He says "HI!" and "BYE BYE" to every single person we pass.  It's amazing.

He loves strawberries- and whenever he gets some he'll say "mo'!" (More).  Other favorite foods include grilled chicken, rice, yogurt, noodles and raspberries.

He says about 20 words - Mama, Dada, Go, Outside, Tree, Dog, Up, Cup, Ball, Balloon, More and a bunch more.  He's very verbal.

Jacob, we love you more than words can say!

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