Friday, July 8, 2016

Five Year Getaway

For our five year wedding anniversary, Scott and I wanted to get away.  We tossed around ideas like a long-weekend in Mexico, Boston, Seattle... but ultimately decided that for our first time away from Jacob overnight, that we wanted to go someplace closer to home - a drive, instead of a flight.   We chose Door County  - a location about 4.5 hours north of Chicago.  My parents graciously agreed to watch Jacob (for two days/nights - not a small feat!) and they arrived late Friday of Memorial Day weekend.

On Saturday morning, we were out of the house by 7:30, driving to Green Bay.  Despite being a Bear's fan, I wanted to see the famed Lambeau field.  It was fun!  Still not a Packer's fan, but fun to see.

We had lunch at a local brewery, and walked through their impressive farmer's market before setting out to Door County via the Door County Wine Tour.  The first stop was in Angola, WI at a beautiful and authentic winery and taste room.  I loved it.

From there we stopped at one more before making our way to our hotel.  We stayed at the Ashbrooke, which was a very nice adults-only resort.  (Door County is mostly cabins and cottages - I wanted more of a resort feel).  Our room was huge and lovely and we enjoyed it a lot.  Would definitely stay there again.

Over the course of the weekend, we did a nice dinner, went on a "booze cruise" - a sunset cruise with live music where we drank a nice bottle of champagne, courtesy of my in-laws - and went to a fish boil!  We got a couples massage, went shopping and hiked in the state park.  We just had a really nice time celebrating five years of happy marriage.

Door County was very scenic - gorgeous sunsets, beautiful and calm water, and just lovely.  We had a fabulous five year getaway.  Thanks, mom and dad, for watching our boy!

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