Sunday, January 31, 2016

Scenes From A Week: January 31

It's been a long time since I've done a weekly round-up, but better late than never! 

It was an extra busy week - my parents were here last weekend working on our house projects and loving on Jacob.  They always keep him home from daycare when they visit (which we love) and he gets extra snuggle time with his grandparents.  On Tuesday I left for a quick 26-hour work trip to New York.  While I was gone, Scott took Jacob to his swimming lesson with a special guest appearance from Auntie (Godmother) Kelly who drove all the way to our house (in rush hour traffic!) to join them.  :)  I loved getting the extra pictures – and Jakey enjoyed the extra snugs.

I got back on Wednesday evening and the rest of the week was a little calmer.  On Saturday, Scott’s parents came over in the morning to help Scott with some tasks he’s been wanting to battle (fixing our snow blower and helping drill a hole in the downstairs fridge for Scott’s kegerator, hah!)  I ran some errands while my MIL watched Jacob.  On Saturday night we had some friends over and went to a hockey game.  Sunday was a little more leisurely, with trips to Costco and Ikea and just hanging out.

A good week, and a busy one.  This week promises to be a little quieter – which we would love! 

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  1. Jakey's swimming lesson was the highlight of my week! Such a fun Tuesday night!


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