Sunday, January 31, 2016

Scenes From A Week: January 31

It's been a long time since I've done a weekly round-up, but better late than never! 

It was an extra busy week - my parents were here last weekend working on our house projects and loving on Jacob.  They always keep him home from daycare when they visit (which we love) and he gets extra snuggle time with his grandparents.  On Tuesday I left for a quick 26-hour work trip to New York.  While I was gone, Scott took Jacob to his swimming lesson with a special guest appearance from Auntie (Godmother) Kelly who drove all the way to our house (in rush hour traffic!) to join them.  :)  I loved getting the extra pictures – and Jakey enjoyed the extra snugs.

I got back on Wednesday evening and the rest of the week was a little calmer.  On Saturday, Scott’s parents came over in the morning to help Scott with some tasks he’s been wanting to battle (fixing our snow blower and helping drill a hole in the downstairs fridge for Scott’s kegerator, hah!)  I ran some errands while my MIL watched Jacob.  On Saturday night we had some friends over and went to a hockey game.  Sunday was a little more leisurely, with trips to Costco and Ikea and just hanging out.

A good week, and a busy one.  This week promises to be a little quieter – which we would love! 

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

House Tour: Main Living Space

The final space on this edition of the House Tour is our main living space - the living room, dining area and kitchen.  It's the area of the house we spend the most time in - Jacob has a play area, we eat here, watch TV here, socialize and entertain here... the list goes on.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

House Tour: Master

Our master suite is one of my favorite spaces in our home.  It includes our bedroom, my walk-in-closet and a bathroom.

Monday, January 25, 2016

House Tour: Mudroom

The next room in my Home Tour is what we affectionately refer to as "the mud room".  It's the room that connects our garage to the body of our home, and features our washer/dryer, coat rack, shoe rack, etc.  My dad and Scott built custom cabinets as well to provide more storage.

The last photo is the hallway leading from the main living space to the mud room.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

House Tour: Jacob's Bathroom

I started our House Tour a few weeks ago with Jacob's bedroom - and now I'll move on to the next room, Jacob's bathroom (doubles as our guest bathroom :))

This is really the main bathroom for the house - the other two are in the basement and in our master suite, so this is the one that gets most use from our guests.  It features a full bath, and we opted for the bathtub with the lowest threshold to make bathing babies easier.  The shower glass only goes halfway and is on a hinge, so it can be moved completely out of the way to make bathtime easier.

The bathroom also features a "makeup station" (aka my personal nail salon :), floating shelves for pretty storage, and a custom linen cabinet.  The room was designed and built by my dad and Scott.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Florida Vacation: Christmas 2015

Our Christmas this year was a really unique and special one - we spent eight days on Florida's Gulf Coast with my family.  It was Jacob's first vacation, and it was a really fun one for our family.

The trip started on December 26th.  We arrived at the airport, and met the Maloney's at an airport bar.  (Naturally).  Our flight was slightly delayed - which gave us time to scarf down some dinner and then we were off.

Our flight was uneventful, and we landed in Tampa around 11pm.  Matt had hooked us up with a minivan rental car, so we got settled in to that and took off toward the vacation rental.  Our parents and Joe and Austin had landed a few hours earlier, so they were already at the house (and had already made a grocery run for supplies and beer :)  The rental house was about 90 minutes from the airport - so enough time to catch up with Kelly and Matt, and cruise down there.  It was funny - we were staying on a Key, and it was SO OBVIOUS when we were getting close to the house - the road was lined with palm trees and other Florida vegetation.  (Oh, and our parents and brothers were out front waving cellphone flashlights to greet us). 

Vacation had begun!

My mom had a tasty appetizer spread waiting for us, and the guys made sure we had cocktails in-hand before too long (despite it being 1am at this point!) After a drink and a snack, it was off to bed for us.

The next morning, we awoke to this: 

The house itself was gorgeous - big bedrooms, huge windows overlooking the ocean, two decks, a grill, a kayak, a guest house, three bathrooms.  It was perfect for our group of eight plus a baby.  The proximity to the water and beach was amazing - I'd never stayed that close to the water.  The photo above was taken from inside the house (and without a zoom!)

Our days were spent leisurely - enjoying the sun, the water and our family.  In the evenings, two of the adults would cook.  We drew names to make dinner assignments - I was paired with my dad (on NYE!), my mom and Kelly were together, Austin and Scott and Joe and Matt.  We drank pina coladas during the day, and wine and Hemingways at night.

This was Jacob's first vacation - and we had the best time.  He LOVED having his grandparents and aunt/uncles nearby (and Scott and I loved the six extra babysitters!)  They fed him bottles, changed his diapers, and took him around the property and water.  My parents took Jacob every morning so that we could sleep in - and did we ever.  I think the earliest I woke up each day was 10am (can you say: "long term sleep deprivation?")  My parents took walks with Jacob, and introduced him to the Florida wildlife.  Jacob

One afternoon, the three ladies took an hour or two to run to the nail salon for a quick service and glass of wine :)  

The "kids" (my brothers, Scott and Kelly and me) went out one evening to a local bar - Flounders - for drinks and local fare.  We tried oysters, gator nuggets, calamari, conch fritters and shrimp.  It was like old times - teasing each other and having fun. 

On NYE day, my dad and I took a drive to a fresh "lobstah" place he found on Yelp - and bought Lobsters for our Surf and Turf dinner.   It was a fun experience (luckily he did all of the cooking :))  That night we did a blind wine taste test (which was on my 32 by 32 list!) which I lost :)

We rang in the New Year on a deck in Florida, surrounded by my beautiful family.  It was a NYE I won't soon forget.

And it was a trip I won't soon forget. 

There is much else I should mention (how Joe had a ball waiting for Jacob on his pillow because he thought that Jacob might like a ball at the beach... how Matt and Kelly bought Jacob an inflatable little pool which was a godsend that week... how Austin and my parents lugged massive tubs of water from the sink to the ocean so that Jacob's little pool could have water in it that wasn't salty on his skin... how Matt and Kelly surprised us all with a massive grill-out on our last day in paradise.... how my dad taught us all how to cook lobster... how we all danced to Harry Chapin's Taxi on NYE.... how Scott surprised us all with a fireworks display at midnight on NYE.... how Jacob came out of his room each morning looking around like "who's here that I can play with?"

It was a really special week.  My parents gave us the vacation - including our flights!!- as our Christmas gift... and it was THE BEST.  An amazing and generous gift, and we loved every second.