Wednesday, December 23, 2015

19) Bring Jacob to the University of Iowa campus

After Rank Family Christmas this weekend, Scott and I decided to make a pitstop in Iowa City- a holiday trip down memory lane, if you will.  It was Jacob's first time in Iowa City, but undoubtedly not his last.

We went past the Pentacrest, and I showed Jakey where his Grammy spends her workdays.  We walked around the Ped Mall (pictured below) and it was just so special to be back there.  I hadn't been back in much to long.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

House Tour: Nursery

Over the next few weeks (months?) I'll be posting our home tour!  We've done some enhancements to our home over the past 18 months, and it's now so perfectly OURS.  (Shout out to my dad - the architect and laborer behind those aforementioned enhancements :)

First up, Jacob's beautiful nursery.  While I was pregnant, we didn't know if Jacob would be a boy or a girl, so we set off to create a calm gender-neutral nursery.   After he was born, we added a few specific touches to make it his.  I just love how it turned out - it was important to me that it be boyish, classic and baby-friendly.  I also don't like baby stuff everywhere, so I like how organized and contained it is.  I really love it.

A few notes on specific items:

- the glider is actually for a living room (!) but we thought it was perfect.  It was a generous gift (thanks mom & dad)
- the changing table is from Ikea
- the floating shelves are from Ikea
- the lamp on his dresser is from Ikea
- the print on his dresser says "oh the places you will go" and was found on Etsy
- the large chevron J on the wall was found on Etsy
- the navy blue J on the dresser and the abstract wall art were both from Homegoods

Monday, December 21, 2015

JSS: Nine Months

Happy nine months to our sweet Jacob!

He is a happy, excited little boy who loves to explore his house, to be on the go and to pull himself up (on furniture, his crib or mama's legs).  This month, he really mastered crawling/standing on furniture - he's so interested in the world around him. 

Jacob continued taking two classes per week - a swimming lesson with Daddy and a Music and Movement (Mommy and Me) class with me.  Both ended last week, and we've re-signed him up for each as a fun activity during the cold winter months.  Jacob  loves being outside - we take walks nearly every day of the weekend, even when it's cold.  :) 

Jacob has two teeth - cutest smile EVER - and he loves to use them to chomp on food.  This month, he expanded his palette dramatically.  This month, he had his first experiences with the following new foods: scrambled eggs (prepared by his Gramps!), bread, apples, broccoli, peaches, pears, honeydew melon, cheese sticks, yogurt, banana muffins, blueberry muffins, pancakes, cheese omelet.  He occasionally does a pureed food, but prefers table food by far.  He loves drinking out of a sippy cup (which he holds himself) and feeding himself. 

This month he traveled to Iowa twice!  He enjoyed his first Thanksgiving, and loved playing with his second cousins at Thanksgiving and RFC.  (Everyone loves "baby Jacob"). :)  In preparation for his road trips, he was upgraded to a new big-boy carseat which he much prefers.

Happy nine months, Jacob.  We love you more than words can say! 

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