Saturday, November 21, 2015

JSS: Eight Months

Happy eight months to my sweet Jacob! 

He is a happy, joyful little boy who loves people, smiling and jumping.  This month, he went from not crawling to crawling super fast in the span of five days - one day I picked him up from daycare and realized I could no longer deny it:  he is on the MOVE!  He crawls all over the house (so this month we also had/have to babyproof!)  His most favorite thing, though, remains jumping.  I swear, this boy would jump all day if we'd let him.  He is a non-discriminating jumper:  he will jump in the Jumperoo, but he's just as happy jumping with some adult assistance.  (If you're snuggling him, he will physically take your hands and put them under his armpits, LOL).  Jacob stands with help... which usually ends in him jumping.  (Have I mentioned he loves jumping? :))

Jacob takes two classes per week - a swimming lesson with Daddy and a Music and Movement (Mommy and Me) class with me.  He seems to like them both, and we will be signing him up for similar classes throughout the winter session.  

The other big news of the month - we have a tooth!  Jacob has the cutest smile, with one little tiny tooth on his lower gums.  Be still my heart.  

This month he had a few exciting new experiences - his first playground, his first "riding in the shopping cart at Target" experience and first time dressing up for Halloween. Big month.  Jacob's nicknames are Lil-J, J-Bear, and Jakey, but we still mostly call him Jacob.  

Jacob, you are a joy.  We love you more than words can say!  Happy eight months, little man.  

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