Friday, September 18, 2015

Interesting Person Interview Series: Shawn

This week's Interesting Person Interview is with my dad.  I've written about him at length (here and here) but it bears repeating: the lights came on in our family when Shawn Steil entered our world.  

His interview, below! 
1) What is your name?
Shawn J. Steil

2) How do you know Kate? 
Kate is my daughter

3) What are you most grateful for in life?
Family first, because family is our most precious possession.

4) What is your advice to new parents?
See #3.  If you build the family foundation first, everything else is merely a means to add to, or strengthen, that foundation.

5) What's your favorite holiday? Why?
Definitely Thanksgiving. The only thing on anyone's mind is family, food and football.

6) What are you addicted to?
Manufacturing sawdust on a renovation project. Whether you are refinishing furniture or knocking down walls and changing a living space , you can't beat the smell of fresh wood.

7) If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be?
I would have been smarter sooner and asked Jenifer Maloney to marry me earlier than I did.

8) What items are on your bucket list?
Travel with my best friend Jen. (Australia, South America, Scandinavia outside of the US) (Backpack down the Grand Canyon, whitewater rafting, hike all or portions of the Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, explore the Pacific Northwest and southwestern US. These items are only eclipsed by everything I want to do with Jen, my children and grandchildren.

9) What do you hope is the same a year from now?  
I hope everyone continues to be happy and blessed.

10) What do you hope is different a year from now?
I hope to be able to have added some adventures with Jen and my family to my resume.

11) What is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you?
Jenifer Louise Maloney saying yes and sticking with me

12) Where is home to you? 
Home is not a "place" for me. I can live anywhere as long as I have access to my loved ones.

13) Who is your personal hero? 
The two strongest women I know, Jen and my mother. I have learned so much and become a better man because of Jenifer. She has made me a better man, husband and father. My mother always stepped in to protect my siblings and me knowing full and well what her actions would bring. Her unselfishness shaped me and set me on the path to become a man.

14) What is the best time you've ever had?  
I don't know if I can single out one "best" time. I got a second chance almost 20 years ago and some of my best times have been in Europe, Iowa City, Park Ridge and Cedar Rapids. Experiences range from visiting all the places I read about in world geography to working with a child on their pitching in the backyard. All are best times.

15) If you could pick out three words for your tombstone to summarize your life, what would they be?
Job's done.

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