Friday, September 4, 2015

Interesting Person Interview Series: Jen

This week's interesting person is someone very near and dear to my heart - my mother.   In addition to being my mamabear, she is a half-marathoner (twice!), a devoted Grammy to my JSS, a delicious margarita-maker, and one of the hardest working people I have ever met - during the Fall of 2014, she painted my entire house single-handedly (thanks, BTW ;)  Her answers below made me laugh out loud in two places, and while our answers to numbers 1, 5, 7, 12 and 15 were uncannily similar, my interview was written before I received hers (and she didn't read mine until it was posted!)  What can I say - I am my mother's daughter.   

Her interview, below! 

1) What is your name and who are you? 
Jenifer Louise Marie Rank Maloney Steil – grammy, mother/MIL, wife, daughter, sister, friend, neighbor, employee.

2) How do you know Kate? 
I’m her original biggest fan (until her guys came along at least) and a huge admirer.

3) What are you most grateful for in life? 
My family, and the opportunity to love them.

4) What is your advice to new parents? 
Let the dust settle.

5) What's your favorite holiday? Why? 
Thanksgiving.  The tradition is deep; our Iowa family gathers, preps together, and thoroughly enjoys each other.

6) What are you addicted to? 
I like to matter.  And I like wine.

7) If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be?
 I wish I lived near my kids.  And I wish I was helping people with their problems, not their computers.

8) What items are on your bucket list?
I’d like to get to Australia and South America.  And camp the base of the Grand Canyon.

9) What do you hope is the same a year from now?  
I hope my health holds out.

10) What do you hope is different a year from now? 
 I hope I can run faster.

11) What is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you? 
Shawn adopted my children; I regard that as a very nice gesture.

12) Where is home to you?  
Whenever I’m with supportive loved ones, I’m home.

13) Who is your personal hero? 
My husband is perennially positive and generous, and he rescued me when I was down and done; he always opens the door for me and makes me feel like a queen.

14) What is the best time you've ever had? 
Aside from my children’s births, childhoods, plays, sporting events, graduations, weddings:  October 22, 2010, Montreuil, France  – Shawn and I surprised our “French son” Bastien at his surprise 18th bday party.  We were the main attraction all night long and we were treated so well.  We drank delicious French wine and avoided their abominable French treats.  Everyone wanted to dance with us and our French family deeply appreciated our attendance.  It was a big kick and I finally understood the heady allure of celebrityhood. 

15) If you could pick out three words for your tombstone to summarize your life, what would they be?  
She cared deeply.

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