Thursday, September 10, 2015

24) Organize the linen closet

Man, I cannot even tell you how much I've been dreading this task.  Scott and my dad made these built-in shelves in our main-floor guest bathroom about a year ago, and they rapidly became a catch-all for anything beauty/health/sickness/cleaning related.   I pride myself on having a clean house, and this was just so... not.  It was bad.

part-way done

I wish I would have taken a true "before" shot - it would be embarrassing, actually.  Scott found a few of the white buckets in the "Dollar Spot" at Target, and they help to corral some of the odds and ends (OTC cold meds, nail stuff, etc).  I also took everything out, cleaned out the cabinets themselves, and then organized, threw out, and put back in.  It took about 2 hours start-to-finish, but I feel so much better about this space.

extra linens and blankets
cleaning gear

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