Sunday, August 9, 2015

Scenes From A Week: August 9

Another rock-solid week is in the books.  This week was especially noteworthy because my parents came from Iowa on Thursday night to make progress on our home renovation (and watch Jacob on Friday while we were at work :)  My dad crushed his to-do list this weekend - dramatically changing the looks of our guest bathroom upstairs as well as a lot downstairs.  My mom did all of the heavy lifting with JSS - which allowed me to cross off about 5 major things from my list.  She also made a fabulous meal for Saturday night.  We celebrated Kelly/my birthdays on Saturday evening with a Mexican fiesta.  JSS loved his first fiesta, and the bath that Uncle Matt gave him :)  He contributed to the celebration by sleeping through the night! :)

This next week will be another good one, I can feel it.  I have Tuesday off work for my 31st birthday (OMG) and I just know it's going to be a fun day with my boo.

three-day old hair.  YUP! 
jumperoo in just a diap :) 
little man in his cute outfit from G&G
snuggle time with Grammy!
Grammy did lots of Tummy Time and books with Jacob

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