Sunday, August 23, 2015

Scenes From A Week: August 23

Another wonderful weekend in the books!

This was an extra fun week for us - my parents swung by on Wednesday en route to DC (to move my brother Joe cross-country).  I was at work, but they asked permission to visit our sweetie at his school- which he LOVED.  They bounced him, read to him, and took him outside for some fresh air.  I loved hearing about them being with him when I couldn't be!

On Friday, they got to town around 2pm on their return trip with the U-Haul with Joe, and we spent Friday chilling with the babe, and bringing Joe's furniture in to our house - he graciously agreed to give it to us since we're furnishing our basement and he is moving in to a furnished apartment in California.

Saturday morning had us leaving home bright 'n early to travel to Iowa for a family pool weekend.  It was sunny and low key and the Bud Lights were flowing (more on the weekend later this week).

On Sunday morning we left pretty early to make it back in time for a 1st birthday party for Jacob's buddy, Nash.  It was a really great week and weekend.

fashionisto before school

photos for an upcoming blog post

it was "favorite team" day at school
first bite of food!

5 month photo outtake
mama got refreshed ;)

snuggles with uncle Joe

snuggles with uncle Matt

Jacob and his friend Elle

"gimme the camera, mama!"

"Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm" - Abraham Lincoln

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