Sunday, August 2, 2015

Scenes From A Week: August 2

Another beautiful week is in the books!  Jacob completed his second week at daycare like a champ - he is the best baby boy I can even imagine.  It was a good week - we mostly stayed close to home in the evenings after work.  We took a handful of walks, did lots of snuggles and jumps in the jumperoo.  On Thursday night, we were invited to Scott's Aunt/Uncle's home to grill and enjoy their pool - Jacob loves the water and we're always looking for different things to do.

The weekend was a fun and busy one.  Joe stopped by on Friday on his way downtown to Lollapalooza.  He brought JSS the cutest Air Force One plush toy (I suspect JSS will learn alot about the US/world from his Uncle Joe).  It was so good to see him - it doesn't happen nearly often enough!  Jacob LOVED Joe - they made the cutest faces at each other.    On Saturday, Jacob and I visited the Park Ridge Farmer's Market for the first time before hitting 3 garage sales.  (I always look through Craigslist on Friday night looking for weekend garage sales that advertise having lots of baby gear or boy clothes).  One of the garage sales in particular was a fabulous one - twin boys and they had some really awesome boy clothes - I bought 10 pieces for $5!  We spent the rest of Saturday afternoon pretty close to home - played on a blanket outside, enjoyed the cool air conditioning inside, etc.  Saturday night we went to Ikea to pick up some odds & ends that we were missing.

Sunday was a little more leisurely - working around the house, massive Target run, snuggles with my boys.

Here's to another summer week (and my last full week of being 30)!

first time riding in the front car of the CTA 
pre-work snuggle sesh
BFFs - JF and JS
first time at the Farmers Market (JSS slept straight through it, ha!)
Garage Sale loot! 
there is nothing better than sleepy snuggles with my boy
enjoying some QT outside
deep cleaned our bottles/pump - feels good to be caught up
farmer's market loot - michigan peaches, wisconsin tomatoes and local spicy jam
JSS thought the car wash was NUTS

baby in a bucket!
late-night feeding with father and son
sunday night nightcap 
crazy lightning storm on sunday night - view from my front door
LOVE baby fashion (and this baby) ;)

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  1. That photo of Joe and Jacob kills me! An amazing moment captured.


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