Monday, August 24, 2015

JSS: Five Months

Happy five months to my sweet Jacob!  It was another wonderful month with JSS in our lives and home.  

 His personality is developing more and more each day, and the changes in him are more pronounced than ever.  He slept through the night for two weeks consistently (until the dreaded "four month sleep regression" struck our household).  He can sit unassisted for a couple of seconds before he topples over, and he no longer likes to lay down at all unless he is asleep.  If you put him on his back, he'll be on his belly with his head held high in a matter of moments.  Just like last month, he LOVES to jump.  He also loves to eat, to do sit-ups by grabbing our fingers and to chat.  His dad even taught him how to make the most adorable "ROAR" noise imitating a baby lion :)

I talked about his nightly routine last month, but I thought I'd also mention his morning routine.  In the mornings, Scott wakes first and showers/gets ready for the day while I'm on Jacob duty (usually JSS is still asleep, so I pump and pack the bottles for daycare, etc).  Scott typically finishes getting ready for work about the time Jacob wakes up, so he'll change J's diaper, get him dressed, and start his bottle while I shower.  Then Scott leaves for work - I put Jacob in the jumper in my bathroom and he'll happily jump for the next 30 minutes while I get ready, make the bed, and tidy up Jacob's room before work and school.  This routine works really well, as it allows both Scott and me to get ready for the day and have a few moments of Jacob time all in one.  

Jacob is enjoying his "school" (daycare).  He has wonderful teachers, and we've started to get to know the other families there.  His class does art projects, has a "water day" twice a month, and even made a birthday card for me with my sweet boy :)

Jacob went to the Ped for his 5-month well-baby visit one week ago, and he did beautifully (even with two shots, ouch).  He is so good about shots - he only cries for a moment - literally less than 30 seconds - and the nurses are so impressed with how tough he is.  He weighs almost 18 pounds, and is wearing size 6-9 month clothes. 

Jacob, you are a joy.  We love you more than words can say.  Happy five months, sweet boy! <3  As per our monthly tradition, below are some of my favorite pictures from the past month.

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  1. It's been a whirlwind five months from this Grammy's POV. He has stolen my heart and can change my mood with one of his squeals or smiles. I love you, JSS, and you have the best parents in the world for all they do for you! xoxox


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