Friday, August 28, 2015

Interesting Person Interview Series: Joe

This week's Interesting Person Interview is with my younger brother, Joe.  

Joe currently lives in Washington, DC, but he's moving to California (by way of vacation in Alaska).  Editors note: I interviewed Joe for my Interesting Person Interview Series two summers ago, and when asked where he'd go on vacation if he could choose any place, he said he'd like to take a train ride around Alaska... the very thing he's doing TODAY as this interview is posted.  So damn cool.   As if that doesn't make him interesting enough, in the past 10 years he's lived for various times in: Iowa, Colorado, DC, Paris, and Chicago.  The picture above is at a Crocodile Pond in West Africa.  Suffice it to say that Joe is among the most interesting people I have ever met - and I'm grateful that my little JSS has him as an example.  Joe's interview, after the break!

1) What is your name and who are you? 
Joe Maloney - 26-year old policy analyst / student originally from Iowa, moving from Washington, D.C., to Palo Alto, California.

2) How do you know Kate? 
I'm Kate's younger brother.

3) What are you most grateful for in life? 
My mother, Jenifer, and father, Shawn, because not only are they fantastic parents, they're also exemplary role models for everyone.

4) What is your advice to new parents? 
Read your children history and teach your children math: their knowledge in every other field will benefit tremendously from a head start in these two areas.

5) What's your favorite holiday? Why? 
The Fourth of July. The adoption of the Declaration of Independence was a monumentally important moment, not just for Americans, but for the world, and remains to this day the foremost statement of individual liberty in human history. That's something worth celebrating, IMHO.

6) What are you addicted to? 
The news. 

7) If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be? 
I wish I was a better cook!

8) What items are on your bucket list?
 I want to visit every continent.

9) What do you hope is the same a year from now? 
Pretty much everything except my answer to the next question. 

10) What do you hope is different a year from now? 
I'm heading back to school, and not sure what I'll do immediately after--so I hope to have more certainty in a year!

11) What is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you? 
I've moved five times in the last five years and my parents have selflessly put in a ton of effort to help me move every time--and these weren't short moves, they were basically all over the country. Surely, I'm missing other nice things that folks have done for me, but since I'm moving as we speak this is on my mind!

12) Where is home to you? 
You can take the guy out of Iowa, but you can't take Iowa out of the guy!

13) Who is your personal hero? 
Personal hero: my dad, Shawn; historical hero: Abraham Lincoln.

14) What is the best time you've ever had?  
Too hard to choose, but I spent a few weeks in The Gambia earlier this year and it was an incredible experience. 

15) If you could pick out three words for your tombstone to summarize your life, what would they be? 
Right now, would have to be something generic like, "He was happy" (why not, right?), but in general I'd have to say this is a big TBD at this point. I'll follow up in a few years!

Thank you, Joe! 

I'd love to post your interview! Please send your answers to to be featured.  I'll be posting one interview each Friday as long as I have submissions.  Thank you!


  1. I admire your accomplishments, Joe, the adventures you've had, and the incredibly kind person you are...I'm grateful for you and your contributions to my life, and I can't wait to see what's next for JFM. #proudmama

  2. Very interesting answers Joe, but I'm not surprised as you are one of the more interesting people I know!! Your interest in everything is inspiring to all of us I can't wait to see what you do in the next 2 to 3 years and it is my privilege to be your dad


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