Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Baby Registry Must Haves: Clothes

In my previous post about baby gear/registry suggestions, I intentionally didn't touch the clothes factor.  While I was pregnant, we didn't know what we were having, so clothes were a bit tough to pre-purchase.  Plus, now knowing what I know as a "seasoned" mama, I'm grateful we didn't buy too many clothes for our tiny infant - he wore white onesies every single day! - and he received a number of adorable outfits, sleepers and  blankets from our loving friends and family (thank you!).  Those fun and special outfits have really filled out his wardrobe.  The basics listed above are everyday things that are nice to have when you get home from the hospital, and really don't change whether you are blessed with a son or a daughter.

3-4 baby gowns  My cousin has two young children and suggested gowns for the early days.  It was such a smart suggestion, because as a first time mom, I was so nervous about diaper changes and snapping the onesies.  I received a two-pack from her, and also bought two from Amazon (here and here).

10 onesies (assorted long and short sleeve)  I got these from Target, and have no complaints.  I prefer to buy practically the cheapest ones I can find - especially for teeny babies - because they poop almost constantly (sorry - but seriously) and I like the idea that if it is a bad poo explosion, I'm only out $1 or $2 if I just pitch the onesie.  I didn't do it very often, but it has happened more than once - including in the DeKalb Oasis while traveling home from Iowa with my little one solo).  I mentioned this above, but while Jacob was really young, he basically lived in white onesies with royal blue or navy pants.  These also get donated when Jacob goes up to the next size - I decided that if I have more children, I'll splurge on crisp new onesies anyway.

3-4 pants  I dress Jacob in navy a lot, but I also had a few other pairs (royal blue, grey, white).  Comfy, very stretchy pants are key - these are more like sweatpants then leggings.  You could also vary the fabric weight depending on the time of year.  Jacob was born in March, so his were more mid-weight to lightweight (I like putting him in pants for our walks even when it is hot out to protect his precious baby skin from sunburn).  We loved the newborn essential pants from Baby Gap, as well as these inexpensive version by Circo at Target.

Socks  I'm not sure if this is all babies, but Jacob HATED socks.  I loved these a lot - they are so cozy! - but he seemed to be a pro at kicking them off his little feet.  My mom found a really simple, lightweight pair at a random "going out of business" sale, and he keeps those on a bit.   Once they start jumping in a jumper (or scooting around, probably!), you'll probably want them to be barefoot or have socks with grips, so that would be a good thing to get in size 3-6 or higher.

Hats  Tiny babies lose a lot of their heat via their head, so Jacob wore a hat nearly every time he left the house when he was small.  I ordered this one from Etsy while I was still in the hospital and it still makes me smile when he wears it.

Blankets  Babies don't sleep with blankets in their cribs until about a year old, but I loved having lightweight blankets to wrap him in - both to keep him warm, but also as a barrier for visitors germs ;)   I would suggest 3-4 blankets that are nice but not too precious, that way, when they get spit up on, it's not a national disaster.  

Going home outfits  We had both blue and pink outfits (with matching blankets + hats) selected and placed in a specific area of our home.  Once Jacob was born, my parents took the blue outfit, cut off the tags and washed it in Dreft.  They returned the pink outfit.  It was awesome to have this all figured out ahead of time (and to have them do the dirty work for me!)  I don't think this is necessary - but it's a fun touch.  Bonus: Jacob wore his fancy blue outfit for his first meetings with many of our friends and family :)  

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