Tuesday, August 11, 2015

32 by 32

After a year hiatus, I'm back with an annual list of the things I hope to accomplish during my next trip around the sun.  (Although, in true "new mom" fashion I'm a few days late with this post!).  You'll likely notice some themes among the list (Jacob! Fun! Simple!) and that's fitting for where I am as I turn 31.

It's interesting being 31.  I am happier than I've ever been, busier than I've ever been, and have more responsibility than I've ever had.  It's kinda weird.  I have a beautiful son, a happy marriage, and a good life.  So part of me feels like: what else is there?  And the other part is like: let's find out!

1:  Dip Jacob's toes in an ocean Yes!
2: Make 5 new recipes (and blog them!)  One
3: Run a first post-baby 5K+
4: Take classes with Jacob Fall
5: Make baby food 9/9/15
6: Start holiday traditions for Jacob
7: Hold a 3 minute plank
8: Have a girls weekend
9: Participate in a blind wine taste test 12/31/15
10: Bring back the Interesting Person Interview Series  YES!
11: Decorate our basement
12: Post a blog house-tour Nursery
13: Conquer our yard (landscaping, etc)
14: Read and book review five (non-baby/motherhood) books One!
15: Take Jacob to a Cubs game
16: Take Jacob to my uncle Steve's pool 8/22/15
17: Dance in the rain with Jacob
18: Get family photos taken
19: Bring Jacob to the University of Iowa campus Yes!
20: Host a football party for a Bears game
21: Go on a boat on Lake Michigan August 2015
22: Make Christmas cookies
23: Dance with both Jacob and Scott
24: Organize the linen closet in Jacob's bathroom September 2015
25: Take Jacob to a pumpkin patch October 2015
26: Have an overnight date with Scott
27: Celebrate a holiday at our home
28: Dress Jacob according to the holiday for daycare (green on St. Patrick's Day, red/pink on Valentine's Day, etc)
29: Watch Jacob run across my parent's backyard
30: Dress Jacob up for Halloween  October 2015
31: Log 100 miles with Jacob in the jogging stroller
32: Learn how to curl my hair with a flat iron

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  1. Great list! I volunteer to babysit so you can accomplish #26!


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