Wednesday, August 5, 2015

2015 Chicago Half Marathon

My amazing parents ran their SECOND half marathon last week - and Matt and Kelly ran their FIFTH!  I've run the half the past two years (including last year while pregnant!) but decided to sit this year out due to our special new addition.  :)  Next year?  Maybe...

This year's festivities started on Saturday afternoon, with the traditional pre-race carbo-loading at our house.  Last year, the same group got together at Matt and Kelly's house, but this year, we were excited to host!  

It was an early night, because our crew had a 5am (!!) wakeup call to head to the city.  After dropping my parents off, we parked and headed to a Starbucks to caffeinate.  We originally planned to split an Iced Coffee - but the sweet barista surprised us with a free Iced Carmel Macchiato - she apparently made one too many and gave it to us.  (Yep, it was delicious).  

We saw my parents at mile 3.5 and 4, and we saw Matt, Kelly and Kelly's younger sister Olivia at mile 4.  Then we snuck away for air conditioning and breakfast (we were trying to keep JSS out of the sun as much as possible) before heading to the finish line.  We saw all five of our runners around mile 12.5 - just as they were approaching the finish line.

One special new addition this year was that Jacob and I made some signs to cheer on our runners :)  They didn't know about them ahead of time, so the surprise was extra fun.  We got a LOT of attention from runners - Scott holding Jacob, me holding a sign.  Super fun :)   And of course JSS was dressed thematically in an I <3 Gramps onesie!

Seeing these athletes run 13 miles in the time that - literally - it took us to get Starbucks and brunch... well, it was very inspiring.  It made me want to get up and run, and I love showing Jacob that physical fitness matters.

So proud of all of the runners this year, but especially the ones in my family!

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