Sunday, July 26, 2015

Scenes From A Week: July 25

Our days and weeks with Jacob are getting better and better.  He is at SUCH a fun age - where his personality is really coming out, he's starting to recognize us, his preferences are becoming apparent... it's SO fun to be with him!

This past week was his first week of daycare (SOB).  We chose a facility that I feel very good about - it is super expensive (but worth it!) as the instructors are true educators with education and experience, and the facility is well-maintained and efficiently run.  His first day was hard (on me more than Jacob it seemed) and each day since has been a bit easier.

We capped off the week by an all-family work event (!!), a lazy Saturday afternoon at the pool followed by a pizza parlor, and then a Sunday spent relaxing and then dinner at Scott's parent's house.  All in, a solid weekend with my favorite guys!

even mundane moments are made sweeter with JSS

lots of evening snuggles in the k'tan

he was welcomed to his new class :)

his 4-month photo shoot was the hardest yet ;)

free hugs (i'll take one please)

JSS Sip N See in Winnetka

wearing his PJs from his buddy nash ;)

slow down, time!

my sweeties

leftovers for days

he wants to crawl so badly

JSS first time at Grandpa and Grandma Special's house

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