Tuesday, July 21, 2015

JSS: Four Months

Happy four months to my sweet Jacob!  It has been among the best months of my life - Jacob is growing and changing every day and has developed the sweetest personality.  We've learned the things that make him laugh, and we do them repeatedly every day to hear that sweet noise ;)

 He did so many exciting new things this month - his first airplane ride (on 7/10), his first wedding (7/11) , his first time in a swimming pool (7/12)!  He now rolls in both directions consistently (a six month milestone, hey-o!) and has slept through the night four times.  He wants to sit up SO badly, and loves doing crunches from the laying position to the sitting position (while grasping our fingers).  By far his favorite activity is jumping.  We bought him a jumperoo that hangs from a door frame, and he LOVES to jump in it.  One morning this month he jumped for an hour straight!  Since birth he has averaged a 3-pound weight gain per month, but this month he only gained 1.5 - and the doctor thinks it's because he is so active!  

We started Jacob on a nighttime routine this month, where he gets a bath, book, bottle and then bed.  Scott does the majority of this routine, and Jacob just loves his bath-time with his dad.  He kicks his legs and splashes and it's so sweet to witness how much Jacob loves Scott.

Jacob started daycare yesterday (7/20) one day shy of four-months, and he seemed to enjoy himself.  While I was pregnant we did tons of research (including in-person interviews and tours at seven different facilities!) and are pleased so far with the place we chose.  They continue the routines that we have established at home, and Jacob seems to be enjoying his time there.   I must admit that I miss him like crazy, but I know it's the best thing for our family right now.  It's been fun figuring out his wardrobe for daycare - he's gotta look fresh to impress his new friends :)

Jacob, you are the light of our world.  We love you more than words can say.  Happy four months, sweet boy! <3

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