Sunday, June 28, 2015

Scenes From A Week: June 28

My second week back to work went just as well as the first (hallelujah!) Jacob was cared for by his aunt Katie and his first cousin once removed Jenifer. (At least I think that is her relation to him- she is my first cousin). Anyway, he enjoyed his days with the ladies and I enjoyed coming home to him after work!

The weekend was extra fun, and we went in to it with zero plans.  On Friday night I got home at a good time and did all of my weekend chores (cleaning the house, laundry, etc).  I went to bed really early (8:30!) and woke up at 3:30- surprised that JSS hadn't woken me sooner- and in fact, he was still asleep.  He slept through the night for the first time, waking me at 5:45 after I got the best night sleep in a year! :)  

On Saturday, we worked around the house- Scott did some work on our basement and mowed. I organized my closet and did some work around the house (I "deep clean" two areas of our house per weekend- this weekend was the mudroom and master bathroom).  We took a long family walk through the nearby forest preserve and ended Saturday with cocktails and a movie while our sweetie slept.

We rounded out the weekend with a barbecue with Matt and Kelly - and special guest Morgan (Kelly's younger sister who would be watching JSS the following week).  It was a great week and weekend and left us energized and excited for the holiday week!

this grown-up boy sleeps in his own crib for bed and most naps

cutie on a walk with one of his amazing babysitters <3

his hand resting position (he gets it from his mama and grammy!)

new summer shoes - can't decide if they are totally cool or totally lame.  (they ARE totally comfy so - cool wins;)

thursday night - wine in hand, baby in swing (and jenifer chilling with us!)

lunch hour shopping - and FRIDAY hat

selfies with my boo

daddy multi-tasking

strolling through the forest preserve

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