Sunday, June 21, 2015

Scenes From A Week: June 21

This was my first week back to work after twelve glorious weeks spent with my boy.  It was the longest I'd ever been away from him, and by the time the day was done I was practically running off the train to see him.  My parents graciously agreed to come watch him for the week to help with my transition, and that helped SO MUCH. 

For such a transitional week, it was a good one - marked by some fun moments and people.  We got together with my college girlfriends and their babies one night, went on a walk to the local ice cream shop, finished laying flooring in our basement (thanks Dad!), I got a pedicure, and we celebrated Scott all day Sunday for Father's Day.  It was a really good first week back!  

Jacob is three months old!
back to work day one
grammy and gramps snuggling my boo
mid-day facetiming :) 
construction baby / my awesome dad
OOTD (haha - i am so not a fashion blogger but i was in to this outfit)
pretty obsessed with iced coffee these days (and they sure help with me averaging 5 hours of sleep a night :)
college girlfriends reunited (happy 1st birthday, Elle!)
terrible photo, awesome hour
father's day twinning

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