Sunday, June 14, 2015

Scenes From A Week: June 14

This was a big week for our family: my last week of maternity leave, and Scott's 30th birthday!  The week started similarly to the past 11, with lots of mommy/Jacob playing time - trying out his new Bumbo (another loaner from the sweet Kruger family), lots of long walks around the neighborhood, and high quality family time.  Scott's 30th birthday was a sweet day for our family - we had a fun and different Asian dinner out, and gave our guy some gifts that he seemed to like ;)

It was strange to be preparing to go back to work - I love my job, but I've also transformed so much over the past twelve weeks - my calling on earth is being Jacob's mom, and I hope to find a good balance between a career/company that I enjoy so much, and the most important job I have - being a mother.  I am excited for the challenge of figuring it out :)

first time in the Bumbo seat

little angel in a big bed

selfies with my boy every day

first time wearing sunglasses - he didn't mind them! 

he loves being propped up on our bed

smiles on dad's 30th

my last day of maternity leave - pretty much all we did all day :)

happy 30th Scott!

brunch out the day before i returned to work

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