Sunday, June 21, 2015

JSS: Three Months

Happy three months to my sweet Jacob Steil Special!  He has brought more joy to these three months then his dad and I ever knew was possible.  Even the less "fun" parts (3am wakeup calls, I'm lookin' at you) are made better than I could have imagined because of the sweet boy on the other end of them.  

This month absolutely flew by- with so many fun "firsts" to enjoy with my boy. Jacob traveled to three new states: Iowa (!!), Minnesota and Wisconsin.  He met his great-parents!  In Minneapolis he attended a bridal shower and met his moms cousins, aunts and uncles. He stayed overnight away from home (for three nights - twice at his grandparents and once in a hotel).  He went to his first friend-birthday party.

He has thrived on the Baby Whisperer, and now sleeps in his crib every night. Naps happen in his crib, swing or stroller and are consistent and restorative.  He sleeps a 5-hour stretch most nights, and while he doesn't sleep through the night, he wakes up happy and greets us with big smiles every morning.  Scott and I tag-team the nighttime shifts, which allow us each to do pretty well sleep-wise. 

Jacob has found his hands- and likes to suck on his right knuckles (much to Grammy's chagrin). :)  Tummy Time is just about obsolete, as our big boy likes to roll over from belly to back nearly every time (and his pediatrician confirmed that much of his head-control will continue to develop just from being an alert and curious little boy). He seems to be getting close to rolling back to belly, as he can roll completely to his side and pumps his legs trying to get the rest of the way. :). His pediatrician is very impressed with his neck/head control, how alert he is, and says he is a perfect, thriving little boy.  We are so lucky to have him.

Jacob was baptized on June 7th, and it was a truly special day. Each of his aunts and uncles were present, along with all four if his grandparents.  His godparents are his aunt Kelly and uncle Matt, and the four of us had a special moment while Jacob was being baptized.  

This month I went back to work (I had twelve weeks off, so I've been back to work for a week) and while it was hard on me, Jacob has taken it in stride (it helps that his Grammy/Gramps watched him last week - and this week his aunt Katie and his mom's cousin Jen are watching him!)  The weekends are made even more special this way.  

Jacob, your dad and I love you so much, and are so glad that you are our son.  Here are some of my favorite pictures of the past month!

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