Sunday, May 31, 2015

Scenes From A Week: May 31

This was a special and unusual week!  Jacob experienced many "firsts" - his first road trip, first time in Iowa, first time in Minnesota, first night in a hotel, first bridal shower!

We started the weekend by my mom arriving in Park Ridge late on Thursday night.  She had spent the week in Indianapolis for a conference, and was going home in Iowa via our house.  She returned her rental car, and hopped in the car with us on Friday morning - Iowa bound.  We made a fun pitstop in the Quad Cities, introducing Jacob to his great-grandparents and then continued on to my home town.   The next  morning, we left early with my parents in route to Minneapolis, stopping to pick up Kelly from the airport before heading to a bridal shower for my cousin Anne (who was one of my maids of honor!)

The bridal shower was lovely of course, and it was so nice catching up with so many relatives whom I rarely get to see.  Our family is spread across the country (literally from coast to coast) and it's so nice to have a few occasions per year where we get together.  Anne's wedding will be another such occasion in July!

On Sunday morning, we dropped Kelly off at the airport, and drove back to Iowa.  Monday morning we were on the road again, stopping in the Quad Cities for another quick visit with my grandparents, before making our way home once again.  Whew!  It was a jam packed few days, and it was so nice to introduce my son to so many of my relatives.  I was nervous about how the drive would go - four hours to my hometown, another 5 to Minneapolis... and repeat for the reverse!  It went fabulously, though.  Jacob was a dream travel companion, and truly only fussed once or twice when he was simply over it.  (By that time, I was pretty over it too :)  I can't wait for more adventures with my little boy!
selfies with my boy (cute onesie from Scott's cousin Allison)

wearing his bridal shower finest - a RL Polo onesie!
(found at TJ Maxx for $10 - woot)
Grammy and Jakey chillin' in Iowa

got my hair colored for the second time in a year!
first time in a hotel!

bridal shower
technology is insane: FaceTiming with Joe from the road..
while he was in The Bahamas!
snuggling in CR

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  1. This weekend, I predict, will go down as a summer highlight! I especially will always remember our Clear Lake adventures!


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