Sunday, May 3, 2015

Scenes From A Week: May 3

Jacob's six weeks old - yesterday!  This week was another good one - it feels good to be starting to feel like myself again (well, myself with 5 hours of non-consecutive sleep :).  Jacob is growing and changing... and thriving.  He's a precious and precocious little boy, and he makes every day more fun.
This week we took walks every day - including two in one day on a few occasions.  The weather was phenomenal - topping out at 75 degrees one day and starting to really feel like Spring/Summer (my favorite time of year).  My parents came this weekend to make further progress on "THE PROJECT" (our basement reno) and sneak in a few Jacob snuggles in between :)  I love having them here - my mom did the early morning shift each morning, allowing Scott and me to catch some extra ZZZs.

While my dad and Scott were cranking in the basement, my mom and I tackled my to-do list.  We reorganized Jacob's closet, planted flowers in my planter out front, worked on my baby book, and made big meals (read: lots of leftovers!) each day.  I love having them here!

cutest hands ever
obsessed with his pants
look at those little piggies
strolling on a beautiful Thursday afternoon
cute outfit from a girlfriend of mine
reclining (cute onesie from his Grandma Special)
obsessed with this weather forecast (well, minus the rain)

gramps "taking a break" by being on baby duty

enjoying some delicious vino with the Steils and Maloneys on Saturday night

bright eyed boy
a 5am wake up call never felt so good
Grammy (aka baby whisperer)

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