Monday, May 25, 2015

Scenes From A Week: May 25

It was another wonderful week!  One of the things we've really tried to (re)incorporate in to our daily lives is FUN.  For the past two months, we've been focused on SURVIVAL - truly.  Getting a new rhythm down, learning to be parents, trying to get a few hours of sleep :)  Fun has been pretty low on the list of priorities.  But with my confidence - and Jacob's predictability - increasing, I decided now was the time to start having some fun and making some memories with our family.  So!  That was one of the focuses of this week.

The week started with a Sunday evening family walk... to the local ice cream shop :)  It was a beautiful and warm night, and we all liked getting out of the house and ending the weekend on such a sweet note (pun intended:)

The week was also a good one - Jacob and I spent a LOT of time outside (two two-hour walks on Thursday!) enjoying the fresh air and beautiful weather.  We even went to the Brookfield Zoo on Friday afternoon with a few Special relatives.

The weekend was a GLORIOUS one.  We started it with going out to brunch and getting a car wash.  When we got home, we worked on tackling the endless to-do list.  I sorted through all of Jacob's clothes, and packed away his too-small newborn items (sob).  I took out his 3-6 month size gear, and washed it all.  I deep-cleaned the inside of our house, and Scott tackled the outside.  (Jacob cooperated by taking a 90-minute nap - score).  We ended Saturday by taking a family walk - it was 72 degrees at 8pm!   Sunday was spent running errands as a family, spending time working outside, and a visit from the Maloneys (which included a bath for Jacob and a cold Summer Shandy for me).  On Memorial Day Monday we traveled to Grayslake to visit my dear friend Sam and her sweet family.  She has a son who is seven months older than Jacob, and it was amazing to see how much development happens during that time.

Man, I love summer.

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