Sunday, May 17, 2015

Scenes From A Week: May 17

We had another great week!  The week zipped by - Jacob and I have both been getting stronger and healthier and more autonomous - he slept for 4 hours straight one night this weekend!  My parents were here this weekend, and Scott and my dad made insane progress on the basement - my dad spent between 30-40 hours down there over two and a half days!  It was intense - and we are so grateful for it!  While he was cranking on the basement, my mom and I were working on stuff upstairs... we made some returns, did a massive Target run, went to the grocery store, and did all of my weekend errands.  I love spending time with my parents!

I was changing his outfit, and propped him up to grab a different
shirt, and quickly snapped this - I can't get over how big my
little boy has gotten!

first time using the Boppy to spread

shopping saturdays

my sweetie woke me up for some food, and then promptly
fell back asleep on his changing table.  LOL.

Uncle Matt giving J a bottle (and then he successfully put
him down for the night!)

Jacob loves his Grammy and Gramps!

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