Saturday, May 23, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

I'm a little late to the game (hashtag new mama) but wanted to post about what a wonderful first Mother's Day I had.  The celebration started early with a package delivered to my doorstep on Thursday - a dozen chocolate covered strawberries from my husband.  (It took all of my willpower not to eat all dozen that day:)

On Friday, I received a second (!!) package - a beautiful bouquet of flowers from my sweet seven week old son.  :) 

I was so touched - both beautiful deliveries, and sweet sentiments that I will cherish forever.  On the actual day of Mother's Day, I treated myself to a mani/pedi (first since Jacob's birth) where I did a bright blue polish in honor of my sweet boy (although, let's be honest, I did a lot of blue nails before he was born too!)

I heard from so many sweet people on Mother's Day - cards from my mama and mother-in-law, a very sweet card (and J bracelet!) from my brother and sister in law, and texts from over a dozen thoughtful friends and relatives.  I've never realized how sweet Mother's Day could be, but it really was - it was so sweet.  Being Jacob's mother is a "job" that I am honored - and overjoyed - to perform.  I am so glad to be his mother.

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