Sunday, April 26, 2015

Scenes From A Week: April 26

Jacob's fifth week of life was another beautiful one.  Our family of three has settled in to a nice routine... which has allowed all of us to feel a little more normal.  We're getting more sleep (knock on wood), and our lives have settled in to a comfortable pattern.  These 12 weeks of our lives are different than any other will ever be - and I'm trying to savor each day.

The week started with Jacob having a doctor's appointment on Monday.  He did beautifully... though he did not much care for his shot :(  On Tuesday he turned one month - the fastest month EVER! We hosted Scott's parents and siblings on Wednesday night so they could spend some time with Jacob.  The rest of the week was filled with sunny afternoon walks (our record was 2.5 hours!), a Target run and time spent snuggling with Jacob at our house. The week concluding with a calm and nice Spring weekend!  It's always more fun on the weekend, when Scott is home from work and everything is a little more leisurely!

love means leaving your wife half an avocado and two peeled clementines :)
one month <3
stylish little man
J received a very fun (and fashionable) package from his Grammy/Gramps!
ready to stroll (hilarious - he is freshly bathed, and stylin' in a killer outfit...
and his mother was un-showered and wearing spit-up stained leggings.  #motherhood!
i love this face
working on his baby book during naptime - my goal is to have it up-to-date before
the end of my maternity leave
HH - first time trying Grapefruit Shandy and I lovedddd it

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