Tuesday, April 21, 2015

JSS: One Month

Happy one month to my sweet boy, Jacob Steil Special.  We've had a wonderful and busy first month together, and it's been better than I ever imagined that it would be.  The month started rather dramatically, with Jacob being born just after 10pm on a Saturday night (like his daddy, he didn't want to miss a Saturday night!)

We checked out of the hospital three days later, and began our life at home.  My parents - Jacob's Grammy and Gramps - were with us for the first two weeks of his life, helping Scott and me to get settled in to our "new normal".  They took the graveyard shift each night, and helped do all of the heavy lifting (literally, as I wasn't supposed to lift anything heavier than Jacob).  After cleaning our house and stocking our fridge, they left on Easter Sunday, and our new life as a family of three set in.

Jacob has been sleeping very well (for a baby:).  Our typical day includes me going to bed around 8pm, and Scott hanging out with him - and Jacob sleeping intermittently - from 8-11pm.  At 11, Scott will do the late feeding, and change his diaper, and then bring him in to our room.  Jacob prefers sleeping at a slight incline (many infants do!) so he's enjoyed some QT in the Mamaroo (h/t to Jacob's second cousins G&E for the Mamaroo loan).   Jacob wakes up around 2, and again around 5 to eat and be changed.  He'll usually go back to sleep for another 1-3 hours, and then he's up in earnest.  I usually get up by 7a and get our day started.  I throw in some laundry, tidy our house, or do other things on my to-do list (chores, blogging, email, etc).  Sometimes I nap while Jacob does during the day, and sometimes I work on items to keep our household afloat.

Jacob loves riding in his stroller - he usually falls asleep within one block:)  We started walking when Jacob was one week old (and I was finally able to walk semi-comfortably) and we walk almost every day for about an hour.  The fresh air is good for us both!  He is a great car-rider, and has been to Target four times, Nordstrom once, Aldi three times, and the Pediatrician twice. 

Speaking of the pediatrician, Jacob weighed 7 pounds 14 ounces at birth.  He was 7 pounds 8 ounces at his one week appointment, and 9 pounds 15 ounces at his one month appointment.  (And yes, I take most of the credit for that :)  He was 19.5 inches at birth, and 21 inches at one month.  He shows incredible head and neck strength!  He loves to kick his legs and is very alert.  I predict that he'll be ahead on his physical milestones over the next few years.  

This month, Jacob met his parents (haha!) as well as both sets of grandparents, his uncles Matt, Joe and Ryan, and his aunts Kelly and Katie.  He's met several of his great aunts/uncles.  He's also met a handful of our cousins, and a few of our friends.  He's been a great sport meeting so many new people!

Jacob loves to snuggle on his mama, to do tummy time with his dad.  He loves when his Grammy gives him a bath (he's lukewarm on when his mama bathes him - I'm not very fast:)  He likes to be in the action - if there are people talking by our kitchen peninsula, he isn't content with chilling across the room.  (I think he'll be a social butterfly like his dad).  He HATES getting his diaper changed, which is unfortunate because it's changed about 10-14 times per day.  (Poor lil guy).  He wears a lot of onesies and "gowns" and is quickly outgrowing NB size clothes and diapers - he's still in both of those, but I can tell it's almost time for the next size up.

We mostly call him Jacob, but occasionally Jake (or Jakey).  I also call him Boo, Bugaboo, Snerks, Angel, Friend, and Lovebug.  (Snerks is kind of random, but it's a nickname that Scott had for me while we were dating).  

  He is a joy in our life (even when he wants to eat every hour from 5-10pm most nights).  To be honest, it feels like he's been with us forever... even though it's only been a month.  So much has changed over the past month - including the fact that I changed my first diaper!  (Sorry, Jacob, I think you'll be my "guinea pig" in so many things in your life!)

Jacob is one of the great loves of my life, and I feel so lucky to be his mother.   Below are some of my favorite pictures from the first month of JSS! 

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