Monday, March 9, 2015

Special Baby Shower

My “Special” baby shower was held at the beginning of February and hosted by Scott’s mom and sister (the baby’s paternal Grandmother and aunt).  A fun tidbit: it was held at Chambers Restaurant, which is the same place where Scott’s parents hosted an engagement party for us years several years ago – it’s come full circle! 

overflowing gift table, including a onesie-line featuring a variety of adorable
onesies ("future engineer", "scott and kate first edition", etc)

decorated table for the meal and celebrations
sweet dessert table
The shower was adorable!  It had a Rubber Ducky theme, which was carried through from the invite, to decorations, to the incredible dessert table, name pins (for Mom-to-Be and both Grandmas-to-be!), to the table settings and the favors.  I thought that was a sweet theme, especially for a couple that wasn't finding out their baby’s gender (like us).  It was a beautiful meal and great company. 

with baby's aunties
with baby's grandmas
33 weeks pregnant
When I walked in, it was so overwhelming – an overflowing gift table, a beautiful room decorated so thoughtfully (fresh spring daffodils on every table!), and excited people ready to celebrate my child.  It was wonderful.  Scott and my dad joined us toward the end of the shower so that Scott could participate in the gift opening.  Baby Special was truly spoiled (and so were we)! 

future dad and mom <3

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