Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Oh Baby Special

My "Maloney" baby shower was hosted last weekend - the last weekend in February.  It was hosted by my sister-in-law, Kelly (my brother Matt's wife) at her beautiful home in the city.  We invited my aunts and girl cousins, as well as a few of my closest girlfriends and some dear family friends.

Kelly's house looked absolutely amazing, and she thought of every detail possible:

note the baby clothesline (top) and the onesie guessing game (lower); white
balloons and letters spelling out BABY, fresh flowers.
spectacular bubbly bar (including a bottle of "baby proof bubbly" :)
#ohbabyspecial <3
The food spread was spectacular - and was as delicious as it was beautiful.  Delicate sandwiches, fruit, bite size snacks and an insanely good cake: 

My sweet sister-in-law really went all out for me - it was a really special day.  It was made even more special by the many people that came so far to celebrate - Megan from Des Moines, my mom, Joni, Patty and Liz from CR/IC, Laurie from Minneapolis, Barb from Dubuque.  It really means so much.

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