Thursday, March 19, 2015

Baby Special: 38 Weeks

Weeks:  38 weeks!  Baby will be here in a matter of weeks – if not days – and I am growing more excited by the minute.

Baby's Size:  I’m done with this one on the ol’ questionnaire – baby is “Baby Size” and that is all that matters!

Trimester: THIRD!

Cravings: No cravings!  I've yet to experience one, in fact.

How I'm Feeling: Feeling darn good!  (I’ll downgrade last week’s “great” answer to “good”).  I’m more tired than usual, have a bit of swelling in my feet and fingers (my wedding rings are still on, but they are getting tight… I really hope that I can keep wearing them until the end).  I've been taking the bus to work each morning – and walking to the train after work.  It’s about a mile and a half walk, and I just decided I’m only doing it one direction from now on.  I am feeling darn good for being so pregnant though – and I count that among my biggest blessings right now.  At my weekly doctor’s appointment they noted that my blood pressure was slightly elevated (still within the range of normal, but elevated versus my baseline that was established over the past 8 months of care).  I’m going in in a few days to double check that, as I certainly want to do what’s best for this baby.

Movement: Yep!  Baby continues to move and shake!

My thoughts:  It was another wonderful week – if only a tad bit quieter around the home front.  I've officially “retired” from evening events – needing to spend more time at home relaxing.  Since baby could come at any time, it’s especially important to me not to get too worn out – I want to be prepared to hop to action at a moment’s notice!  This week I tackled some easier remaining items – hospital pre-authorization, making some postpartum supplies, etc and I feel eager and ready.  By this time next month, I'll be holding my sweet baby in my arms instead of in my belly! <3

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