Thursday, February 26, 2015

Baby Special: 35 Weeks

Weeks:  35 weeks!  I’m almost 90% done with this pregnancy (a fact that continues to blow my mind).

Baby's Size:  Baby Special is 5 1/2 pounds and over 18 inches – the size of a honeydew melon.  

Trimester: THIRD!

Cravings: Zilch!  

How I'm Feeling: Strong, happy, pregnant. J  I barely felt pregnant until the past few weeks, but recently I have started to slow down pretty dramatically.  As my belly has grown larger, my center of gravity has shifted and it’s caused a bit of back pain.  Nothing severe, but enough to be pretty uncomfortable by mid-afternoon.  To combat it, I've been focused on taking long walks, laying down when I get home, and listening to my body.  I have been warned that the last month can be incredibly long and uncomfortable, and I’m going in to it with a clear mind and excited mentality – each day (however uncomfortable) is one day closer to meeting our child.  I have no idea what the future will bring, so I am savoring these waning days of pregnancy – I can’t wait to meet our baby, but I also love being pregnant with him or her.  It’s a really special place to be in (and strange too - never knowing the moment that your entire life is going to change).

Movement: Yes!  Kicks and movements are getting more prominent, and it brings me so much comfort to be able to feel this sweet baby moving.  Being pregnant is a privilege.  

My thoughts:  As I mentioned above, I’m trying to focus on the positives – this pregnancy has been the best eight months of my life so far.  I feel closer than ever to my husband and parents, and so hopeful for the future.  As it gets closer, my anxiety about childbirth has decreased pretty dramatically – I feel ready, and strong and like I was born to do this.  (Truly).  I feel so connected to the mothers that I admire, and to the generations of women that came before me.   I am confident, and excited, and hopeful.  I cannot wait to meet this baby.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Baby Special: 34 Weeks

Weeks:  34 weeks!     We have a dairy product in our fridge that expire after our due date… seriously.  (Soy milk!) 

Baby's Size:  Baby Special is 4 ¾ pounds and almost 18 inches – my cute cantaloupe!  :)

Trimester: THIRD!

Cravings: None!  I’m beginning to think that they aren't going to happen in this pregnancy – which is fine by me!  This week I've had a surprising amount of nausea (first trimester symptoms can come back toward the end of pregnancy) and as a result I've had more carbs than usual - but have tried to balance them with veggie/fruit smoothies, kale salads, and lots of water.  

How I'm Feeling: At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I feel wonderful!  Strong, healthy, joyful.  I'm a bit more uncomfortable when sitting in certain positions (at my desk at work, in the car, etc) but I counteract that by walking around every 30 minutes or so, and shifting how vertical I am in the car.  It's just uncomfortable - not painful, and I certainly wouldn't trade it for the world.  

Movement: Yes!  I can tell Baby is getting bigger - his or her movements are more pronounced... especially as I'm trying to go to sleep at night.  I think Baby Special is a night owl like his/her daddy :)

My thoughts:  We had a wonderful – and slightly slower – week.  We took two three-hour baby classes (Labor, Birth & Post Partum Part 2/3, and Infant Care Part 1/2).  As part of the class we took a tour of the hospital which was a joy.  It was reassuring to see the rooms that I'll be laboring in, to learn the protocol for after the baby is born, etc.  I'm a planner by nature - it's one way that I counteract chaos, nerves and anxiety - all things that are so frequently associated with childbirth.  Seeing the facilities, and having so many of my questions answered really helped me get in to an even more positive frame of mind - I feel so pleased with the hospital we've chosen!  I would be lying if I said that I didn't have any nerves about our baby's birth.... but truly, the excitement and eagerness I feel to meet my child outweighs any nerves tenfold.  I am so grateful for an easy and uneventful pregnancy (so far-  knock on wood) and I have no reason to think that it won't continue.  
This week we also made a decision on the purchase of a new car (!), finalized the baby's nursery, and Scott sweetly found me some labor pain management accessories that were suggested in our Low Intervention class last week (Eucalyptus smelling salts, relaxation visualizations).    I also had a successful 34 week doctors appointment.  I go back in 10 days from now, and then it's weekly appointments from then on.  The end (beginning!) is near, and we can't wait.  

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Baby Special: 33 Weeks

Weeks:  33 weeks!   Hallelujah!!

Baby's Size:  Baby Special is four pounds and 17 inches – my precious little pineapple! 

Trimester: THIRD!

Cravings: Still non existent!

How I'm Feeling: Feeling great, but more pregnant by the day.  Scott tied my shoe for the first time on Monday night because bending over isn't the most pleasant experience right now.  I’m still walking 4-5 miles per day, drinking gallons of water each day, and wearing heels (when I’m not in slippers J).  I feel really fabulous.  I've said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it again: I truly believe that much of my feeling good is a self fulfilling prophecy – the more I focus on how good I feel, the more effort I put in to behavior that will keep me feeling good and staying healthy, which means the better I feel and healthier I stay!  Not super scientific, but it makes sense to me.

Movement: Yes!  I can detect clear waking and sleeping cycles now which is also fun.

My thoughts:  Another great week is in the history books.  I had my first baby shower, hosted by my in-laws.  A separate post to come (hopefully!), but it was a really great afternoon spent celebrating the baby that Scott and I are about to bring in to the world.  I was gifted so generously, and it made it seem so real.  Another exciting thing happened this week – my nursery is now set up!  My parents and Scott knew how excited I was to get it set up, so while Scott and I were at work on Friday, my parents rushed to finalize the first bedroom on the lower level (painting, etc)  – and when Scott got home, the three of them moved the guest furniture downstairs, and set up the crib, glider and new carpet in the nursery!  It was the best surprise.  As a design/fashion enthusiast, I have a very clear vision of how I want the nursery to shape up – I have a pretty carpet, white furniture (crib, dresser, changing table), a beautiful grey glider thanks to my parents, and I have selected items for the walls.  It’s going to be classy and simple, mostly grays and whites.  A room that is perfect for a little one, but also fits with the rest of our house. 

In related news, we also took two interesting baby classes this week – Labor, Birth & Postpartum Part 1 (of 3) and Low Intervention Support.  They were three-hours each!!  The classes were very interesting - and with our due date only 7 weeks away, they were timely :)  Scott put together the changing table on Tuesday night.  I have a few things I want to do this weekend: packing my diaper bag, further nursery organization, hanging the nursery shelves, etc.  I’m feeling dang good about the progress that we've made over the past few weeks especially, and so excited to the fun ahead.    We are so excited for you baby, and we love you so much!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Baby Special: 32 Weeks

Weeks:  32 weeks!  Hallelujah!!

Baby's Size:  Baby Special is three and ¾ pounds and 16 ¾  inches.  The size of a jicama apparently! 

Trimester: THIRD!

Cravings: Still none!  It’s kind of funny – I expected to have the “I MUST HAVE THIS RIGHT NOW” type cravings that I've read about or seen in movies, and I really haven’t had any.  Maybe they will come towards the end, but as of yet – still nothin’!  I have had a taste for smoothies recently – Scott has made a ton of them for me in our Vitamix (Kale, Spinach, Protein powder, apples, berries, Greek yogurt or soymilk).

How I'm Feeling: I’m feeling good!  I’m starting to feel more pregnant (which is a good thing!) and it’s slowing me down a bit, but nothing too dramatic.  Just moving a little slower than I like to move.  :)  I had some pretty severe back pain this week – it really knocked me out.  I’m not certain if it was pregnancy related or snow storm related – but it was horribly painful and I have a new found respect for my normally healthy back.  I've really taken it easy this week – lots of R&R and ice packs – and it’s helped quite a bit.  I hope to be back to my normal self soon (knock on wood). 

Movement: Lots!  Baby is moving and shaking.  Scott has been able to feel him or her more frequently, and I am counting on my mom getting a good kick out of the babe this weekend.  It feels so real!  

My thoughts:  Another wonderful week is in the books.  This past week brought a lot of really wonderful progress on my infamous “to-do” list – we paid the deposit and locked in our paperwork for our first choice daycare facility (and, gulp, renewed our savings plan with the reality of how much A+ care costs!).   Scott and my parents got their TDAP shots.   I ordered a new robe/pajama set for the hospital.  I packed my hospital bag and completed the hospital intake documents for me and baby.   I asked my physician for Pediatric referrals, and researched the three practices that he recommended.  We selected our child’s primary pediatrician and worked on the new patient pre-registration.  While this to-do list is the longest I've ever worked on, it's also the most fun one, because although there is a LOT to do (and a lot we have done!)  it’s such joyous work.  Each thing tackled is one step closer to meeting our new love. 
I also had a (blessedly uneventful) 32 week OB check.  Now that I’m going every two weeks it seems like I’m at the doctor’s office a lot (and a month from now I’ll upgrade to once weekly!).  Baby is “perfect” (I’ll go ahead and toot my own horn here: while luck can get some of the credit, I deserve a lot of it too.  I've worked really hard to make Baby Friendly choices.  While the sacrifices have of course been worth it, it’s wonderful to know that my healthy choices are paying off).  I’m eternally grateful for these 32 weeks of health for both mom and baby.   While I sure hope baby stays put for a bit longer, I am eagerly awaiting the day that we’ll meet him/her!