Sunday, January 25, 2015

Scenes From A Week: January 25

It was another great week in the Special household.  We made a TON of progress on my Pre-Baby To Do list (it's a real thing) - we took our Baptism class, decided on a daycare, and I had a (blessedly uneventful) 30 week OB check.  I'm now on the "every two weeks" schedule for the next month and a half, and then I'll be down to weekly.  It's almost Baby time and I couldn't be more excited.

My FitBit battery died with only 14 steps to go
to my goal.  WAH!  :(

saw this image on FB (Bill Maher posted it)
 and really liked it. 
We brunched with Matt and Kelly today in Edison Park and it was glorious
(I only felt a little sorry for myself for missing out on one of those amazing
Bloody Mary's... Baby is totally worth it, but I am excited to have one this
Baby Belly in my favorite PJ pants (thanks to my mother-in-law
who gave them to me for Christmas last year!

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