Sunday, January 11, 2015

Scenes From A Week: January 11

What a spectacular "first" week of 2015!  Last Sunday started with my parents in town finishing a stint working on our house - they were true machines and got so incredibly much done.  My head is still spinning thinking about how much got accomplished.

The rest of the week was spent in a semi-bundled state, trying to stay warm despite the below 0 temperatures outside.  I used our snowblower for the first time (at 7 months pregnant, I might add), and drank a lot of pregnancy-approved drinks - LaCroix, O'Doul's, and the like.  I also finished my baby registry, completed my hospital intake form, finished my birth plans (one for the medical staff, and one for our families), started my daycare search, and started my hospital bag.  (Holla!)  I am 28 weeks pregnant, and while I hope that baby stays where s/he is for the next three months, I also know they are going to fly by.  As I've mentioned before, I am a person that thrives on organization, and it felt good to get my house in order - literally and figuratively.

I rounded out the weekend watching football and continuing the baby name search... while listening to Les Mis on repeat.  (Jean Valjean Special?  Dez Bryant Special?)

don't let the beauty fool you - it was -18 (literally) and my train was 25
minutes late.  #metrafail

kale, cucumber, strawberry, pineapple smoothies

commuter chic

coconut is the bees knees

football + "beer" 


  1. You have the prettiest blue're welcome.

  2. "Jordy Nelson Special"?! ;)


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