Thursday, January 22, 2015

Baby Special: 30 Weeks

Weeks:  30 weeks!  (I have had today circled on the calendar for a while now – starting the 30s seems significant!)

Baby's Size:  Baby Special is almost 3 pounds and almost 16 inches.  Our sweet little cabbage! :)

Trimester: THIRD!

Cravings: I sound like a broken record, but no cravings to speak of.  I've been noticeably more hungry this week – trying really hard to eat 6 smaller meals to avoid the inevitable hunger pains in-between meals.  The other night I ate a full dinner with Scott around 7, and by the time I crawled into bed at 10:30, my stomach was growling loud enough for Scott to hear.   What can I say – baby’s hungry! :)

How I'm Feeling: Still feeling fabulous.  I have had some uncomfortable moments creep in over the past 10 days or so – sitting in one position for too long is uncomfy, some strong heartburn, and some back/hip pain.  Nothing unmanageable yet, and I’m proud to say that I have taken absolutely ZERO medication – except doctor approved Tums – since I found out I was pregnant.  I've started to deliberately manage my "pain" (which is too strong of a word at this point) by taking hot showers, going for walks around the block, and drink more water than I ever thought possible.  And Scott has been a doting and supportive husband – rubbing my back, bringing me water or books in bed, putting a blanket on me if I fall asleep on the couch, booking me a prenatal massage.  And he hasn't teased me too much about all of the new noises I make while I sleep (snoring, mumbling, etc).  :)  That's true love!  Overall, I've had a few minutes here-and-there of feeling uncomfortable, but it's so significantly outweighed by my gratitude at being pregnant and healthy.  

Movement: Lots and lots!  Baby responds especially well to protein shakes and lots of water, so I try to give baby a lot of what he/she wants! :)  

My thoughts:  We're having a big week this week for progress cutting down on the "baby to do lists".  I've finished the last two baby books I wanted to read (Bringing up Bebe and The Big Book of Birth).  I had my 30 week OB check (complete with the Pertussis vaccine).  We toured my top 4 daycare facilities and - I think! - made a decision on which we're going to go with.  And tonight we take a Baptism class in advance of getting our infant baptized this summer!  In fact, it's been so bananas that I created a "Pre-Baby Checklist" this week to organize some of my thoughts - otherwise it's hard to turn off my brain, knowing that there is so much yet to be done.  Two and a half more months until we meet this little one.  What an awesome thought.  

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