Saturday, January 3, 2015

Baby Special: 27 Weeks

Weeks:  27!  Over 2/3 done with this pregnancy – only three short months until we meet our son or daughter.   Wow!

Baby's Size:  Baby Special is the size of a cauliflower (come again?).  That seems really random, so instead let’s go with the measurements this week:  Baby Special is about 2 pounds and is about 14.5 inches long from the top of his/her head to the bottom of the feet.  Grow baby, grow!

Trimester: THIRD!!  What a wonderful milestone!!!

Cravings: No cravings to speak of!  This is one part of pregnancy that I have yet to encounter, or perhaps, to embrace.  I have not had any of the stereotypical cravings (pickles, ice cream).   I’ve tried to focus on eating healthfully (70 grams of protein, 128 ounces of water) and not succumbing to the flavors of the season. :)

How I'm Feeling: Feeling wonderful.  I thank God (truly) for every day of feeling good.  I know that the last few weeks could be a much different story, but for now, I’m savoring the days of feeling so wonderfully.  I am consistently feeling healthy, strong, comfortable and joyous.  Joy to the world, indeed (or at least to my world).  

Movement: Baby is moving and shaking.   Scott, my mom and Kelly have all been able to feel the baby, and I think that will only grow more easy in the weeks to come.  (For the record, I HAVE started to get unsolicited belly rubs this holiday season, and I am NOT loving them.  Asking first is MUCH preferred!)

My thoughts:  My pregnancy has been blessedly smooth and I feel so grateful for that.  I had a bit of sickness in the beginning, but that mostly disappeared after 12 weeks (and have only had a handful of episodes in the last eight weeks).  I have had a bit of heartburn, which I never experienced pre-pregnancy, but taking a Tums or two has fixed that right up.  I have noticed that I’m moving a little slower in general – my office-to-train walk typically takes 22 minutes door-to-door, and I've started allowing 25 because I’m just not walking as quickly as usual (and when I try, I get a stabbing and painful side ache that goes away as soon as I slow down).  
This time of year has been a bit quieter, which has allowed me to really focus on my pre-baby to-do list:
Education:  It’s recommended that you complete all parenting/childbirth classes as soon as possible after 25 weeks, so I've registered for the classes that we think will be most important and useful, and Scott and I will be taking those in the coming weeks (my goal is to be 100% complete by Valentine’s Day).  I have invited my labor “coaches” to be with me in the hospital room (Scott and my mom).  I've done a trial-run at the hospital with my mom (so we know exactly where to park, where to report, etc).  I've begun and/or completed a huge number of books about parenting, childbirth, infants, etc (Baby Whisperer, Happiest Baby on the Block, Babywise, Bradley Method, Big Book of Birth, The Birth Partner).  I have read dozens (hundreds?) of articles on the signs of labor, the three phases of labor, low-intervention pain management, the early days of baby's life, early infant development, etc.  I am a "knowledge is power" type of person, and I have never taken that to heart more than during pregnancy.  
Birth plan:  I've finalized my birth plan - with help from three very trusted recent moms and my doctor.  I've gone over it with my labor "coaches" and feel confident in the preferences that I'm requesting.  I've also finalized my non-labor expectations for my childbirth experience and early days at home.

Nursery: Our nursery is shaping up as well!  I feel incredibly (!) fortunate to have a dedicated room for our child, and that's possible in large part due to the hard work of my parents and husband, who are downstairs AS I TYPE working on the new guest rooms, which will allow the upstairs guest room to be transitioned to a nursery.  I have purchased and/or refinished all of the furniture for the nursery - with a major hat-tip to my mom who provided countless hours of free labor, shopping, and guidance.  I now have a crib, a changing table, a dresser, and a glider.  I also have a "tummy time" rug for the nursery, along with a variety of accessories to match our theme :)  It's been fun putting together a classy, classic gender neutral nursery.  (I have a number of gender-specific Etsy purchases "queued up" which will finalize the room once the baby is born).  
Home:  Our home is coming together beautifully as well.  My parents have graciously given us 9 days (!!) of their time and labor this holiday season to make some big headway on the next phase of our home as we prepare for Baby Special.  The days have been grueling and long (16 hours+ on more than one occasion) but the product is just outstanding.  We feel incredibly fortunate!   Also on the home-front, I've spent a lot of time over the past weeks organizing.  Nearly every drawer and cupboard is reorganized - along with closets, dressers, etc.  I'm not sure if it's nesting, per se, but I'm a person who thrives on organization and this will undoubtedly make the coming months easier.  I've also begun pre-baby meal plans.  I have a list of recipes I plan to make - and freeze -  in January/February, so that we have healthy and easily accessible meals at our fingertips for the late days of pregnancy and early days of parenting.  I know it's impossible to be COMPLETELY ready, but darn if I'm not gonna try.  Can't hurt, right? :)


  1. I'm happy to hear that the home and pregnancy are coming along so quickly (we all can't wait to meet baby Special!!) and smoothly. In your preparations, don't forget that you can basically count it in your plan to lean on family at this time (and any). Nothing brings more joy and happiness to a family than a new baby - not just for your new immediate family, but for everyone that knows and loves you and Scott. This was something that was amazing to watch when we had Cha. ...And with the Special side so close we are all able to help at a moments notice if you need anything - groceries, ready-to-cook meals, help cleaning, etc. :))

  2. If you find that you have already organized everything when the official nesting begins, don't forget, I'm right off the blue line and my office could use some major work ;)


  3. This mama is very proud of my baby girl...congrats to you, Kate, for all your intentional efforts in the way you are experiencing your pregnancy and planning for the birth (and life) of your child. You are already doing a great job in your new and blessed role as mother and we who are part of your journey are truly privileged. God bless you and baby Special.


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