Thursday, December 4, 2014

Baby Special: 23 Weeks

Weeks:  23!  The tide has flipped where there are fewer weeks left as have passed!  It’s all downhill from here… right? J

Baby's Size:  Baby Special is 11 inches long, and weighs over a pound.  He or she is the size of a mango!  (Is that a coincidence?!  Because I LOVE mangoes, and I LOVE this baby!)

Trimester: Second!  Rings are still firmly ON, belly button is still firmly IN.  I’m up about 4 pounds from my lowest pregnancy weight at week 12.  (I’ve seen other “bumpdates” include those details so thought I’d throw ‘em in here, although discussing my weight will not become a regular occurrence.  Ha!)

Cravings: None – but between my OB appointment and Thanksgiving last week, I’ve been incredibly motivated to eat healthily.  Not just “less” as is normal after Thanksgiving, but more in a lot of ways: more fruits and veggies, more water, more protein, more vitamin C.

How I'm Feeling: I sound like a (blessedly) broken record, but I feel great.   I have such gratitude for these weeks of feeling so well.   My reading has prepared me for the fact that the latter weeks can be rather uncomfortable – and even down right BAD – so I’m savoring these middle weeks.  I feel almost like a “normal” non-pregnant person, except that I’ll admit that I’m a little slower to bend down to tie my shoes, or get stuff off the ground and even a little shorter of breath.  I’ve also had a bit of heartburn lately, which isn’t super fun… but it’s also so minimal that I’ll take it gladly.  (Hat tip to my cousin Megan who gave me Berry Tums about 24 hours before I really needed them.  Great minds, Megan!)

Movement: YES!  I found out that I have an “Anterior Placenta” (meaning that the placenta is on the front of my belly, with the baby positioned behind it) so that explains why the movement has been slower to come then other pregnant moms – my doctor explained that it’s like the baby moving through a pillow!  I have felt a LOT more movement in the past few days, though, and it’s been a joy each time.  It was so strong on Friday night that I called Scott in to see if he could feel it through my belly, but I don't think baby is quite big enough.  (Patience, Kate!) 

My thoughts:  Still sickeningly happy… Grateful to be pregnant, to be on the parenting journey with Scott, and to be so healthy.   I’m not sure how labor and delivery may change my mind, but I’d do this a dozen times if I could.  (Maybe not a dozen… but several more).  I LOVE being pregnant.  I feel like I was always meant to be pregnant - I've never felt happier, healthier, stronger, more joyful.  I feel incredibly grateful and lucky and I'm trying to really dwell in that gratitude right now.  

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  1. Thanks for sharing your journey. You will be an amazing mom, as you have been amazing as daughter. xoxo


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