Sunday, November 30, 2014

Scenes From A Week: November 30

It was another busy - and awesome - week.  The week started strong with a big Monday.  Our blinds were installed (no more wax paper!) and I really love them.  More importantly, we had a successful 20 week ultrasound!  The appointment was about 10 days late, but the results were more than we could have hoped for: everything looks perfect for Baby Special and we're still on track for an April 3 due date.  We got to see ultrasound images of the baby's spine, all four quadrants of the heart, the spleen, the kidneys, etc.  It's truly a miracle, and one that we're not taking for granted.

The rest of the week was a wonderful whirlwind.  It started with a visit from Christine, Jen, Malcolm & Derek on Wednesday, followed by a trip home to CR for Thanksgiving.  Our first stop was at my aunt and uncle's house for "Black Wednesday" as is our tradition.  My mom hosts Thanksgiving every year, and it's one of my favorite days - capped off with our traditional game of Catch Phrase late in to the evening.

After coming back to Chicagoland, we got a visit from my Grandparents (!!) and Aunt and Uncle (along with my parents) and then went to my cousin's 30th birthday.  Today was spent being productive - Scott spent about 4 hours outside prepping our house and lawn for winter, and I spent a similar amount of time working inside.  It was a solid long weekend and I'm feeling ready for the week ahead!

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  1. As always, I loved your CR visit. Thanks for your DD efforts on Black Wednesday, for our shopping outing on Black Friday, for sharing your joy. Love the horsey picture, too.


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