Sunday, November 16, 2014

Scenes From A Week: November 16

What a solid week and, especially, the weekend.  On Saturday we spent time working around the house and yard - Scott spent three hours outside on our roof and in the yard, winterizing.  I spent some time inside cleaning and organizing.  We ended the day at a movie theater, checking out the new Matthew McConaughy (Intersteller) which I liked a ton.  (Way less Sci-Fi than I expected).

On Sunday we got up early, and did some holiday shopping before the Bears WIN (thank you Cutler).  We ended the afternoon with our first trip to our town's library and came home with two books each - my commute will be much easier this week because of it :)

This week promises to be a busy one in preparation for a busy weekend.. the holidays are upon us!

new obsession.

not pleased, mother nature.

they were filming the new superman movie in my building!

king of his castle

our bedroom decor is nearly complete

this song was in heavy rotation this week
(shout out to matt for the recco)

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