Friday, November 14, 2014

Baby Special: 20 Weeks

Weeks:  20.  Yesterday marked the official halfway point in my pregnancy, and I feel such relief at reaching it.  Maybe it’s because my insides don’t really match my outsides (I feel pregnant but don’t really look it yet) that being 20 weeks feels like a real marker.  I’m so happy to be half way.. and especially because that means there is less than half way left until we meet our son or daughter!

Baby's Size:  Baby Special is the length of a banana, and weighs about 10.5 ounces!  This also marks the point in pregnancy where they start measuring head-to-toe (instead of “crown to rump”) which feels like such a milestone in this pregnancy.  This week, baby is practicing swallowing in utero (everything sounds so “mad scientist” but is so incredible really.  Our bodies are works of art).  

Trimester: Second! 

Cravings: None!  My carb-y tendencies are winding down – thankfully.  In the first twenty weeks of pregnancy, it was a real struggle to get 70 grams of protein every day, and drink 150+ ounces of water.  It’s gotten easier and easier over the past few weeks, as my nausea has almost completely disappeared.  I gave up caffeine nearly completely (an occasional glass of tea).  I’m trying to feed my baby as conscientiously as possible, and importantly – try to stay ahead of being hungry.  I think that may be helping my cravings (although ask me again in a few weeks and I may say something completely different :).

How I'm Feeling: I feel wonderful.  My baby is growing (which means that my belly is too) and I’m feeling strong and capable.  I am more emotional than ever (and that’s coming from a girl who routinely cries during.. everything).  But overall I’m feeling very, very good, and there isn’t a day that I don’t say a prayer of silent gratitude.  I have friends who’s pregnancy experiences were much harder than mine has been, and I feel fortunate to have had it so easy.

Movement: None yet.  On Wednesday night (19w 6d) I pulled out my Fetal Doppler Monitor (purchased on Amazon a few months ago).  I had never been able to make it work very well, and had tucked it away for fear of freaking myself out.  Last night I was organizing (nesting, what?!) and came across it.  I decided to give it another try and… BAM.  Found the heartbeat in nothing flat.  Maybe it’s because the baby is bigger and taking up more real estate now?  It was a joyful sound.  Scott came in to listen to it, and then I called my mom on speaker so she could hear it too.  Baby is so cherished already – it’s wonderful.

My thoughts:  I continue to feel excited, joyful and just… in awe.  I feel so lucky that my body has been able to do this –has been able to handle pregnancy so beautifully so far (knock on wood).  I was certainly sick in the beginning – quite sick, I admit – but it wasn’t debilitating and didn’t require any medication.  The past two months or so have been really wonderful.  As baby is growing,  I’m slowly transitioning to maternity clothes (probably 10% maternity, 90% regular at this point) and while I’m still able to wear many of my regular clothes, my body is changing.  I got my first unsolicited belly rub this week (from a dear friend) and it was great… although I suspect I’d be less receptive if it had been someone else:)  I cannot believe that I’m at the pregnancy half way point!  It feels like a milestone that I’ve been climbing towards.
That’s really it.  I’ve just been happy.  Little things seem to matter less, big things matter more. I’ve really been savoring this season in my pregnancy.  The first 20 weeks were very good to me, and I can’t wait to see what the next 20 have in store. 


  1. Gramps and Grams are very excited - and so impressed with your approach to your pregnancy! Happy halfway!

  2. I'm loving these updates! You look great and it's wonderful that you are feeling healthy and happy! Auntie Kelly is super excited!! Hooray for halfway! xo


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