Thursday, November 6, 2014

Baby Special: 19 Weeks

Weeks: 19!  Time is flying.

Official Due Date: 4/3/15 – which is less than five months away!  

Baby's Size:  Baby Special is six inches long and weighs a half pound (cutest half pound ever).   It’s the size of a large mango! 

Trimester: Second! 

Gender Guesses: Still thinking blue… This weekend, I worked on the list of products I plan to purchase (or register for) for the baby.  I've selected Target (only) because I only want to do one spot, and they have the most comprehensive list of things I would like - and are easily accessible both in stores and online. If there are things I want from other stores (the crib, for example) then I'll hunt those down and buy them! :)  Anyway, all this to say - my choices are definitely skewing to the boy side.  Some of it might be because I tend to prefer blue/grey versus pink/white in my home, but it was kind of funny to see.  Many of the items that I have earmarked are technically "baby boy" (although they would certainly work if Baby Special was a girl).  
Cravings: None!  
How I'm Feeling: Feeling great and hoping that sticks around.  Probably hungrier than usual (half pound baby?!) but nothing too noticeable.  I did get sick once this week, but it was short lived and I felt fine quickly thereafter.  

Movement: None yet but eagerly awaiting!  My friend Sam didn't feel her son until she was 23 weeks, so I'm trying to be patient ;)  I think so much depends on the location of the placenta, 

My thoughts:  We had a big “push” on the house last weekend with my parents.  Scott, my dad and my mom were just… INSANE.  I cannot wrap my head around how much was completed (with very little help from me).  My parents have given us so many of their weekends (and weeks!) over the summer and fall, and our house has taken such a beautiful shape.  As I told Scott on Sunday night – I just love living there.   This week has been a fun one, with Scott completing little projects here-and-there nearly every night.  I’ve heard that many pregnant women go through “nesting”… well, this is like nesting on crack :)

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