Friday, October 31, 2014

Baby Special: 18 Weeks

Weeks: 18 yesterday!  Wahoo!

Official Due Date: Unchanged - April 3, 2015 

Baby's Size:  Baby Special is 5.5 inches long (from head to bottom) and weighs seven ounces now – about as much as a bell pepper (and gained ½ inch and 2 ounces in the past week)!  

Trimester: Solidly in the second trimester!  

Gender Guesses: Back to thinking blue… I think?  How am I going to wait another 5 months to find out? :)

Names:  Lately I’ve felt pretty drawn to one specific girls name (that Scott likes too) so we’ll see if that sticks.  Who knows!

Cravings: None to speak of.  We were cooking-machines this weekend –between Scott and me we made about 8 different dishes (homemade chili for the win).  I have a few others in mind to make this weekend (a crock-pot dish while my parents are here helping us work, banana bread, a feta-popover appetizer).  I am really getting in to this “cooking” thing :)  (Only took to age 30…)
How I'm Feeling: This week was a little strange, to be honest.  I was sick both days last weekend, and before that I hadn’t been for several weeks.  I’m hoping I just went too long before eating?  I’ve made an effort this week to eat breakfast quickly upon waking up, and that has been working so far.  Hoping the good feelings continue as we power-through another big work-weekend on the house!     My energy levels remain up, which makes me feel SO much better.  I’d gotten in to a habit of an evening, post-work nap, and I’m trying to shake that.  (Better to go to bed earlier, I think). 

Movement: None yet – c’mon baby!  I thought I felt something on Tuesday night, but it’s so hard to know if I’m feeling baby… or feeling my dinner digest.  (Sorry, but true). 

My thoughts:  It’s been a big few weeks for progress on the house – closet doors are painted and hung.  The remainder of the baseboard has been installed.  We ordered, and received, and LOVE our new bar stools for our granite peninsula.   My next focus is on a new kitchen table – the one we have has been great for me for the past 5+ years.  I ordered it when I first moved in to my own apartment downtown, and it really fit the bill.  It’s a black wood “pub-table” (so it’s taller than the standard height for normal tables).  It’s square and seats 4.   I bought it when I was 24 – and I thought it was so grown-up and stylish… still do, actually.  It’s gotten a lot of use through two (now three) different residences, and it’s just a little beat up.  Now that we’re moving in to a new phase of life, we’re looking for something a little more in tune with our new life – regular height, seats 6-8, and probably glass/metal so it better matches the rest of our home.    The pub table will most likely go in our basement somewhere, so it’ll still have a home ;) 

This week has also brought a little bit more obvious baby belly – which I’m loving.  I had my hair cut last week and the lady was like “wait, you are pregnant? Huh!”  I’m eager to become a little more obviously pregnant.   I’ve started using some fancy Burt’s Bees belly cream (“Mama Bee”) that my sweet sis-in-law Kelly gave me a few weeks ago – and I’m loving it.     That’s really it!  I’m rounding the corner on the half way point, and I’m pleased to have had such a healthy, happy pregnancy thus far (knock on wood).  :)   I feel healthy and lucky and so excited for the next 22 weeks… and beyond.  Baby, you are LOVED.  

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  1. The kitchen looks great and you do, too! Your digestion feelings were probably the baby! I remember thinking it felt like a fluttering. Like there was a little butterfly in my belly. That and sometimes like a muscle twitch. It's so weird and I missed it when Charlie was born. I also felt like she was communicating with me when I felt her! I can't wait for you to feel baby Special.


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