Tuesday, July 15, 2014

An end and a beginning

I sit on the train, trees whirring past my window. 

Cars look like ants, jammed together on the freeway. The train roars past the traffic, bringing me with it. 

I'm struck by this moment- caught, quite literally, between my past in this city and my future out there.  The ink barely dry on the condo sale, and our belongings packed in our new garage. 

An in-between stage, in so many ways. 

I have days left of my twenties. 27 of them.  But as I say goodbye to this, I welcome my thirties with an open heart, eagerly. 

On the edge of the future, the past still in the frame. A new life, a new home, a new decade.

The train bumps down the tracks, and I keep coming back to this: gratitude. For yesterday and tomorrow, and for being right here, on this very train, right now. 


  1. What a beautiful sentiment. Cheers to a new house and a new adventure!

  2. Beautiful. Reading this gave me goosebumps.

  3. Beautiful post; but now I'm left wanting to know what came next? Where has my blogger been?


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